If life is a party, how do I introduce myself to the guests? This would be so much easier if I was simply invited. The host would walk me around, find a few other guests to stand near so I don’t feel alone and I’d ask them questions; I’d get to know them. A funny story maybe? A little self-deprecating humor? I’m in.

My name, OBVIOUSLY, is Rhonda Roman. This is important for the story.


My family wanted Chinese food, so I called a new place that was nearby. The connection was bad, the owner’s English was rough, but between us, we got through the order. And then it happened. He asked my name. “Rhonda Roman” I said.

That’s when he hit the roof. He was SO ANGRY! “What, you saying you name is Wonder Woman? You think you funny? This is my business!” I was so surprised that it took me a minute to realize he was actually serious AND offended! I quickly spelled my name for him and we both got a good chuckle from it.

You’re at Wonder Woman’s party. So whether you’ve come here invited or crashed the party, welcome. I love a full house and meeting new faces is just an opportunity to find awesome people. I hope you stick around. Get to know me and reply often, so I get to know you.

At my party I’ll be showing off my artwork; because hey…it’s my party! If you like it and want to know how it’s done, ask!

I’ll take those questions and create tutorials so you can become a better artist too. I think the world has room for all of us to be artists. We’ll talk about what makes a good composition, how to use your camera, whatever you ask.

If you don’t ask, well…then I’m going to have to come up with some things. During my days I also work at Solano Community College in the photo department, so I’ll take those student questions and answer them for everyone.

Sometimes people are afraid to ask questions, because they’re afraid of being the one person in the room who doesn’t know the answer. I LOVE answering questions. It’s my thing. My super power. Wonder Woman, remember?

To keep things fresh and interesting, I’ll also share my travels with you. I’m lucky enough to be able to travel around the world with my husband. His frequent flier miles, with $72, and I’m in Japan. You can’t beat it. He works all day long while I adventure, photograph, and enjoy the hell out of life.

I’m a lucky lady. Come back for more, okay?