I didn’t think about becoming a professional photographer.  It’s much too fun to be an actual job, right?

– Rhonda R. Roman

About Rhonda

This is going to age me.  My first camera was not on my phone.  My first camera, a Polaroid, has gone the way of the Dodo, along with my old rotary phone.

I’ve lived through a few generations of what it means to be a photographer, but can honestly say I didn’t really focus on my work until I had grown children.  I didn’t think about becoming a professional photographer.  It’s much too fun to be an actual job, right?

I’ve been an artist throughout my life; I’ve enjoyed photography, painting, colored pencil and pastel artwork. Expanding into digital art, my photographic style comes through an artist’s perspective.

I believe in encouraging others to be photographers and artists.  The world needs its dreamers. Creative souls are nourished here.  If you want to know how I do something, I’m happy to teach you.

I’m far too adventurous for my daughter’s comfort.  My son thinks I listen to music far too loudly. I dance when I’m happy.  I speak my mind.  I’m a hugger.

I wander alone happily.  I like my own company and being able to hear my own thoughts.  I love the sound the wind makes blowing through the trees.

There’s more, of course.  If you want to know, just ask!

My Clients


I have been a client, model and friend of Rhonda’s for a few years now and does incredible work! from weddings, to graduation, to just dress up photos, she can do it all. she is super friendly and makes it a point that you feel comfortable. I would recommend Rhonda R. Roman to my friends and family and to anybody who would like their photos done professionally!
Rhonda is a talented photographer & the sweetest person i’ve known. She did our 9yr anniversary photos for me and Bobby and they turned out amazing. I would definitely love to have her do more shoots.
Where do I begin. I found Rhonda just by searching “photographers” on FB and that’s how it all started. My husband and I absolutely LOVE Rhonda and couldn’t be happier with our engagement and wedding photos. She will remain in our lives as a great and dear friend. We look forward to having her capture our future family. I will definitely recommend her to anyone looking to have beautiful and unique pictures taken. Thanks a million Rhonda.
The Fortiers

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